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CMS Encore Pro is our content management system that lets you create, edit and maintain your website. With features such as WYSIWYG previews, re-usable HTML components and packages, Template Editor/IDE with full-featured scripting capabilities and code completion, built in image editor, FTP engine, multi-user system with assignable user rights, and much, much more.

Power Editor is our new light-weight text/programmer's editor with many great features. Easily edit text files (.html, .txt, .php, .java, .cpp, .pas, etc.). Features Syntax Highlighting, Code Templates, etc. Also edit .rtf (Rich Text Files) directly, and also open images (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png) all directly in the editor. Also features built-in editor scripting capabilities to automate simple or complex editing tasks easily, and much, much more.

Upcoming Releases:
To complement CMS Encore Pro, we have a dedicated Encore Content Editor for your end-users who will be inputting content. The Encore Content Editor works like a word processor and will allow your editors to format text, insert images, create tables, relate articles, etc, all in an easy to use WYSIWYG environment.

HelpMaster is a professional help authoring tool, allowing you to create html help files of the highest quality.
Using the power of the CMS Encore Pro publishing engine, you can design your help file like a website, complete with styles, images and script code. Content can be saved as HTML help(.chm) and WebHelp, with other formats like PDF coming soon.
BIIT SOFTWARE SYSTEMS was established to provide innovative content management systems that are both easy to use yet powerful for even the most complicated sites.

We especially pay attention to detail, and realize the importance of listening to our customers and continue to investigate ways to make our products better.

Our business is software development. We believe in approaching a problem with a fresh perspective, innovating and finding new, more elegant solutions to the challenges of content management, help authoring and enterprise level solutions.

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Featuring some of the sites built with CMS Encore Pro. Click on the examples below to read more about how each site was created.

Components 4 Developers
The best components for the best developers, providing quality components for the Delphi community.

Dave Keighan's "Perpetual Newbie II" website.
A very useful Encore resource with examples of how to build components and some very useful Tips and Tricks.

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The tutorials can give you some insight into how our products function. They are flash based demos and can also be downloaded and played back at any time.
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CMS Encore Pro v1.0 is now available for purchase.
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