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Power Editor:
Power Editor 1.0 (1.51MB) [2007/07/04].
A light-weight general text/programmer's editor with many great features. Can edit text files (.html, .txt, .php, .java, .cpp, .pas, etc.) with syntax highlighting. Built-in file-compare/diff. Find-in-files, etc.
Can also edit .rtf (Rich Text) files, and can also view images (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png) files directly in the editor.
Also features built-in delphi like scripting language to automate simple or complex editor tasks easily.
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Trial/Free versions of CMS Encore Pro:
1. CMS Encore Pro v1.0.8 - Trial Edition (8.81MB) [2007/10/20].
A time limited version which is ideal for trying out the different features of CMS Encore Pro. The Trial Edition might have some additional features that is not available in the Free Edition.
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2. CMS Encore Pro v1.0.8 - Free Edition (8.83MB) [2007/10/20].
Doesn't support the more advanced features of the other versions but is adequate for creating small or test sites.
This edition will never expire, and can be used for FREE to produce commercial and non-commercial websites.
The main restriction compared to the full versions is that it can only publish up to 80 objects (images/media/articles), or a maximum of 30 articles, which is generally ideal for small/test sites.
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3. CityDesk DB --> CMS Encore Pro DB - Import Tool (Beta) (483KB) [2006/05/05].
Converts your CityDesk database to Encore while keeping the layout and all articles in-tact.
A free tool for CityDesk users to help aid in converting their CityDesk databases (.cty) and importing all CityDesk variables, templates, articles, images, css, js, etc. into a new CMS Encore Pro (Encore) database.
Please read the associated "readme.txt" in the download for usage instructions.
Click here for a screenshot of the popular CityDesk Jefferson Spirit database running in Encore.

Themes and Templates:
Download the most recently added website/blog themes and templates.

(NOTE: The documentation below is already included in the Trial/Free downloads above)

1. Getting Started with CMS Encore Pro (PDF) (3.82 MB) [2005/05/12].

2. CMS Encore Pro Developers Guide (PDF) (1.0 MB) [2005/02/28].

3. Configuring CMS Encore Pro for MySQL (PDF) (547 KB) [2005/02/28].

Recommended Minimum System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.8 or higher. Download from Microsoft
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Download from Microsoft
  • A Pentium-class computer, preferably a Pentium III 500 Mhz (or higher). Best performance with a Pentium IV (or higher) class machine (or an equivalent such as AMD Athlon).
  • Microsoft Windows 98/Me or Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (recommended) or higher.
  • Preferably at least 128 MB of main memory (256 MB or higher recommended).
  • At least 40 MB of free hard-drive space.
  • A screen capable of displaying High Color (16 bits) or more at a minimum resolution of 800x600 (1024x768 or higher recommended).

We strongly recommend that you use the latest Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) and Microsoft Internet Explorer as laid out in the minimum system requirements above.

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CMS Encore Pro v1.0 is now available for purchase.
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