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CMS Encore Pro comes in five different editions:

1. CMS Encore Pro Free Edition
This is the Free Edition of CMS Encore Pro which is ideal for small or test sites.

2. CMS Encore Pro Lite Edition
The Lite Edition is the entry level edition of CMS Encore Pro and is ideal for small to medium sites.

3. CMS Encore Pro Standard Edition
The Standard Edition is suitable for medium to enterprise level websites and is more scalable than the Lite Edition.

4. CMS Encore Pro Advanced Edition (Coming soon)
The Advanced Edition is intended for professional component and theme developers. It comes with a developer license, enabling you to sell your components and themes.

5. CMS Encore Pro Enterprise Edition (Coming soon)
The Enterprise is a high-end CMS solution aimed at high production/volume websites.

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CMS Encore Pro v1.0 is now available for purchase.
Try out the demo or click here to read more.