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Login to multiple projects letting you target specific platforms.

To login to Encore, start the Encore EXE or shortcut. You will then be presented with a login dialog.

If you are logging into a MS Access or InterBase databases, then you will get a drop down list of all the project databases in your database folder. Your database folder is located in a folder called "Databases" in your Encore installation folder. You can however also use the "browse" button to locate a project database.

For MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle databases, you will have to create a shortcut and ODBC alias to each project database. In this case the browse button is hidden, and the drop down list of databases is disabled.

Once you have selected your project database, type in your User Name and Password. The default user name is "admin", password "admin".
Once in Encore you can change add/edit/delete user rights. With Encore you can keep multiple versions of your website, or select which website you would like to edit. This is very useful for completely maintaining independent projects.

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