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Content or articles get added to channels and get published for that channel.

To add content, click on a channel in the main tree and then either click on the "Add Content" button on the toolbar or right click in the content window and select "New|New Content (Article)...".

You have the option of using the WYSIWYG editor for editing content, on the "Content" tab, or to edit the content fields like "Summary" and User Defined Fields, use the "Details" tab.

The "Images/Media" tab lists all of the image/media items associated with this content, and allows you to add/edit/delete images/media. The "Properties" tab allows you to add/edit properties, and the "Preview" tab displays a preview for this article.

The toolbar on top allows you to format your text with functions like bold, italic, underline and text alignment. You can also select your font and font size and insert bullet points. You can also insert images/media as well as links to other articles, or external links.

You can also create links to Related Content items, as well as do a spell check as well as use the thesaurus.

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