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Templates are web pages that contain script code to build a page or page fragment. Using Encore script code, you can make your templates dynamic and display articles. Templates can be divided into the following types:

1. Page Templates:
These are code-containers that build web pages. They are liked to channels to produce index and detail pages. They can be assigned an extension (.html, .asp, .php, etc) so that the pages they produce are created with the associated extension.

There are MainPage Templates and Detail Page Templates. The difference between the two is that the MainPage Template defines a channels index page structure, and the DetailPage Template defines a channels detail(article) page structure.

2. General Templates:
These can be any code fragment that gets used often. If you have some code that gets repeated quite often in your project, you can wrap it up in a template and re-use the template many times. This can speed up your development time, because changes to code fragments gets done in one place only. General Templates can also be controlled via properties in this way, your general templates can be coded for a generic use.

3. Image Templates:
These are used to generate images, such as buttons and animated gifs. Using the power of eScript and the Encore database, you can create these media on the fly.

4. Components:
These are similar to General Templates in that they contain useful code fragments to perform a particular function, such as the @ImageGallery component, which can be used by setting some component property values. Components are usually written in a project independent manner, and are usually installed from Component Packages.

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