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Encore Script (eScript) is a rich set of scripting functions available to the developer via procedures and functions.

eScript is based on DWS (Delphi Web Script), a subset (with some extra features) of Borland Delphi. So if you are familiar with Delphi or the Object Pascal language or any high level programming language then eScript will be very easy and intuitive to use almost immediately.

eScript has been enhanced further with CMS specific functionality as used in Encore. eScript supports programmatic operations such as being able to:

  • Declare variables & perform assignments (with type checking), perform addition, subtraction multiplication, division, etc. on variables.
  • Use looping constructs such as for, while, and repeat statements.
  • Use conditions such as if and case statements.
  • Create and call functions and procedures as well as many other common programming constructs found in most high level languages.
  • It also fully supports object orientated programming (OOP).

You can use the built-in eScript functions (of which there are currently over 200!) for specific CMS functionality, or write your own code using Object Pascal (Delphi), which will then be processed by the Encore publishing engine. Encore uses code-completion and syntax highlighting to make it easier to develop eScript code.

See the "CMS Encore Pro Developers Guide" for more information about code-completion and syntax highlighting.

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