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Encore supports "Multiple Targets" in terms of getting the same content into different output formats eg. Website, WAP or Intranet for example.

These templates will have the same id and name, such as "MainPage" but the template's html code might be more simplistic for the "WAP" version than the "Website" one (i.e. different versions of the same template).

At publish time, by simply selecting the 'WAP' target this will automatically use all the WAP related templates, all without having to manually change all the pages to call WAP specific templates. Similarly by selecting the 'Intranet' target will automatically use the Intranet related templates.

So if you want to create multiple looks for your website, simply design multiple targets with different looks and feels and decide which one to use.

You can then assigning templates to different targets, and then at publish time when you select a target, only the templates assigned to that target will be used!

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