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Publishing can be done locally and then uploaded to an FTP site manually or published directly to a FTP site.

1. Publishing Locally:
Local publishing is when your website gets generated locally on your hard drive. By default this is done in a folder called: "AppDir\Output\ProjectName\", where Appdir = The directory from where you are running Encore and ProjectName = The name of your project.

The advantage of publishing locally is that you can check your changes before making them live on your server.

2. Publishing Remotely (FTP Upload):
You can configure multiple ftp locations in Encore. Then at publish time you select the location you wish to publish to and Encore will then publish and upload your website.

Using Smart FTP Upload, only files that are different between the local and remote (ftp) location will be uploaded. Using this synchronisation method, only the changed files will be physically uploaded which saves on upload times and bandwidth.

3. Different type of publish operations:

  • Publish to File (Full): This publishes the entire Encore project to the local location for preview purposes. It uses the location that you have specified as your "local" location.

  • Publish to File (Incremental): Encore allows you to do incremental publishing where it will only publish the articles that have changed since the last publish, the only proviso is that you have done a full publish in the same session.

  • Publish: This publishes your site to a location you specify.

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