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LiveEdit is a method of visually editing your website. Using properties on templates and assigning these properties as being "Live Editable". For example, you can change the text, fonts, colors, etc of the items on your web pages, you can also re-arrange content, add or delete content, etc.

LiveEdit also has benefits for the developer of a site, since it allows the developer to create a more visual input interface for more end-user interaction in terms of allowing the end-user to change the structure and content of their site more easily, without developer intervention. This then frees up the developers time and empowers the end-user.

The LiveEdit View:
The LiveEdit view shows the sections on the page are editable. All the areas marked with "(*)", "(+)" and "(-)" are dynamically editable.
For example, you click the "(*)" would allow you to edit the associated item.

Defining LiveEdit Properties/Fields:
LiveEdit properties are defined on a Page Template for a channel(folder). For example, if you have a channel(folder) called "News" and you want certain parts of the page to be Live Editable, then you would specify the fields on the page template of that channel(folder).

For a live example of how LiveEdit works, open the "Bobs Auto World" sample project. Click on the "Home" channel in the main tree and then press F8, then click on the "Preview" tab.

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