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Components are specialized templates that can perform a general function within your website. You can use the built in Encore components, build your own, or download/purchase components from third party Encore component developers.

Packages are a collection of components that have been bundled into a package. A package can have its source code locked as well as contain information about the author of the package, such as: name, email address, website address, comments, etc.

Components are installed under the "Components" node in the main tree. If a component is part of a package, then it is listed under the package name.

How Components work:
A component is a functional code snippet that can be used over and over again. Any code fragment can be made into a component.

One of the advantages of components is that they provide a method of "code-centralization". If you use a certain component in many places in your web project, and you now wish to change the functionality of the component, all you need to is modify the source code of the component, then publish your site, and every page that uses the component will now properly reflect the code changes that were made.

Components generally work best when driven by properties. Properties are what can make a component generic and thereby more efficient. Many javascript code snippets can be encapsulated into components and then the functionality of the component can be driven by its property values.

Developing your own Components/Packages: For an example of some components in action, open the Encore "Components Sample Database", which is included in your Encore installation.

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