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Themes are specialized templates that Encore uses to define a website. Example, when you select a theme, your entire website will conform to the look and functionality of that theme.

Encore comes with 6 themes pre-installed, which can be used to create a new website project, or alter the look of an existing website. Encore currently has the following themes available:
- Blank Project: - Citrus - Gilla2 - Industrial - Purple Haze - Sinorca2

You also have the option of creating your own themes, using themes from third party developers or downloading additional themes from our website.

How a Theme works:
A theme is nothing more than a collection of templates, that conform to a certain look and feel. Most of a website's look can be duplicated into a theme and packaged for others to use. The theme will include templates for index and detail level page templates for channels, as well as any images, stylesheets, etc. that the theme requires.

The current active theme code can be accessed in the main tree in the "Components|(Active Theme)" node.

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