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The IDE is where you enter the code for your templates and components. It has built in tools and features to make it easier for you to develop your code, such as:

1. Syntax Highlighting:
Syntax highlighting is when the IDE highlights parts of your code in different colors, to aid in code readability. Since template code can be made up of various types of code, the IDE highlights the different code types in their own color.

You can configure various aspects of the IDE via the Editor Properties. Right click inside the IDE editor window and select the "Editor Properties" option and configure the necessary settings. The Editor Properties dialog allows you to set syntax highlighting colors and code completion options.

2. Code Completion:
Code completion allows for the IDE to auto complete certain sections of code for you. It can be used to complete function names, list function parameters etc. The Editor Properties dialog allows you to set code completion options.

3. Find and Replace:
The IDE also allows you to do search and replace of text. To search for text, press Ctrl+F this will launch the "Find" dialog. Allowing you to search for specific text. If you highlight a word in the IDE and then press Ctrl+F, the find dialog will launch with the selected word as the text to find.

4. Incremental Search:
Press Ctrl+E to bypass the Find Text dialog box by moving the cursor directly to the next occurrence of text that you type. When you are performing an incremental search, the Code editor status line reads "Searching For:" and displays each letter you have typed.

For example, if you type "class" the cursor moves to the next occurrence of the word, highlighting each letter as you type it. This behavior continues until a new occurrence of the string is not found, the IDE loses focus, or you press Enter or Esc.

5. Indent and Un-indent of Code:
Indenting and un-indenting allows you to move a block of text/code either one unit to the left or right. Select a block of text/code and then press Ctrl+Shift+I to move block one unit to the right, or press Ctrl+Shift+U to move block one unit to the left.

6. Bracket Matching:
The Encore IDE also supports bracket matching to allow you to see which parentheses match up. For example, when you have a complicated statement with many parentheses, Encore will highlight matching sets of parenthesis to easily see if there are to many or to few of them.

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