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Spell Checker:
CMS Encore Pro allows you to spell check your articles before publishing. To spell check your article, click on the spell check button, or press F7 to invoke the spell checker.

The spell check dialog also allows you to specify your default dictionary, and to add custom words to the dictionary, as well as setting up your spell check preferences.

Dictionaries are located in the "Dictionaries" folder in the folder where you installed Encore.

We also intent to support Live Spell Checking, which is the process of automatically underlining words with a red squiggly line, that the spell checker deems to be incorrect. This feature will be supported in the next version of Encore.

Similar to spell checking, Encore also has a thesaurus feature. To invoke the thesaurus, highlight a word, and then click the thesaurus button, or press CTRL+F7. The thesaurus suggests suitable replacements for the words you would like to replace.

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