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All editions of CMS Encore Pro support these features.

  • Unique and flexible channel based architecture.

  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor for adding content.

  • Syntax highlighted editor for adding HTML content manually.

  • Content can have multiple pages of sub-content, so that long articles can be broken down and even edited by different users but still form part of the same article, and thus easily managed as a whole or individually.

  • Built in Spell Checker and Thesaurus.

  • Easily add Images/Media to content. Unlike some other CMS tools, the images and media can be kept local to the content so that other users cannot inadvertently change or delete it or even see it if they are not allowed to view the content.

  • Re-usable HTML components and packages. More components and packages can be downloaded from our website or from third-party developers. Components can encapsulate complex html and javascript (as well as PHP or ASP script if so designed) and allows for rapid website development with a professional look in a fraction of the time that it would take with other CMS tools.

  • Advanced Template Editor/IDE with full-featured scripting capabilities for creating advanced templates and components. The editor also includes code completion and code parameters for scripting and components. Also allows for setting component/template properties via an integrated object/component inspector.

  • Over 200 Scripting Functions allowing for functionality like automatic Breadcrumb Links, Next/Previous Content Links, Automatic Menu Creation, etc

  • Integrated design-time HTML Preview to immediately see how a page will look, while busy designing without having to necessarily perform a full website publish. Allows for rapid and intuitive template design and debugging.

  • Easily add your own custom properties to page templates which in-turn allows capturing additional custom fields/properties for content.

  • Built-in image editor with features such as cropping, auto-thumbnailing, grey-scaling, resizing, brightness adjustment, color adjustment and host of other imaging features.

  • Built-in Button designer for easily creating basic buttons and web banners.

  • Achieve Delayed Publishing by setting the effective and expiry dates for articles.

  • Built-in FTP engine for uploading content to your website. The FTP process is smart enough to only upload the files that have changed since the last upload.

  • Multi-user system with configurable user-rights.

In addition to the above features, the different editions of CMS Encore Pro have the following features:

Edition Feature Set Price Purchase
  • Adequate for creating small or test sites.
  • Supports Microsoft Access database back-end.
  • Limited to up to 80 objects (images/media/content (articles)), or maximum of 30 content articles. This however is adequate for many small sites. Users can always upgrade to the Lite, Standard or higher editions when needing more capacity/features as the need arises.
FREE Free download here
  • Adequate for creating small sites.
  • Supports an unlimited number of objects & content (articles).
  • Supports Microsoft Access database back-end.
  • One admin/template designer and one content user license.
$99 Order here via ShareIT
  • This edition includes all of the features of the Lite Edition as well as...
  • Multiple output targets, such as WebSite, WAP, Intranet, etc. by seamlessly supporting parallel templates.
  • Support for Image Templates which can generate dynamic images.
  • Additional components & packages not available in the Lite Edition.
  • Supports the creating of custom component packages.
  • Create Microsoft Windows HTML Help files from a website design.
  • Supports MySQL, Borland InterBase databases.
  • One admin/template developer and 3 content user licenses.
$499 Order here via ShareIT
  • This edition includes all of the features of the Standard Edition as well as...
  • Recommended for medium to semi-large sites and for 3rd party component developers.
  • Support for the creation of multi-lingual sites.
  • Includes additional components & packages not available in the Standard Edition.
  • Lock packages and component source if you do not wish to make the source to your components directly available.
  • Includes a component developer license for creating component packages for resale.
  • Features an integrated database SQL Query Tester for testing/running SQL queries via the Template Designer/Editor.
  • In addition to the databases supported in the Standard Edition also supports Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Comes with 3 admin/template developer and 10 content user licenses
n/a n/a
  • This edition includes all of the features of the Advanced Edition as well as...
  • Recommended for semi-large to large sites or web portals and for professional 3rd party component developers.
  • Includes additional components & packages not available in the Advanced Edition.
  • Enhanced content work flow management ideal for companies which require multiple levels of authorization for content approval.
  • Support for content & template versioning and rollback.
  • In addition to the databases supported in the Standard Edition also supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Loads more features, such as: Remote tools, Dynamic data components, Automated document creation, and many more planned features...
  • Comes with 5 admin/template developer and 20 content user licenses
n/a n/a