The Encore Content Editor is a stand-alone content authoring application, that works in conjunction with CMS Encore Pro.

The Encore Content Editor works just like a word processor in that the interface is designed in a very WYSIWYG manner. Features such as live spell checking, split screen interface for multi-lingual content make editing the content for your website easier than ever.

The Encore Content Editor is currently in the final phases of development, and is a BETA version should be available soon .
Please check back here for updates.

Content Editor Features:
  • Creates content in multiple languages from a single source (supports unlimited number of languages).
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor supporting Tables, Drag&Drop, Images, Hyperlinks, etc.
  • Live Spell Checking, misspelled words are automatically underlined.
  • Support for Keywords and Related articles.
  • Images/Media window for easier image management such as cropping, resizing, gray scaling, etc.
  • Set article status such as Draft, Editing, Done, etc.
  • Link manager - search and link to content.
  • Built-in Components to easily add extra functionality such Channel & See Also lists, Next-Previous links, Image Transitions, etc. all by simple drag&drop and setting property values.

Interface Features:
  • Tree view of channels and articles.
  • Temporarily hide or disable channels or articles that shouldn't be included in the published output.
  • Fully customizable interface with dockable windows.

Formatting Features:
  • WYSIWYG word processor
  • Formatting toolbar
  • Hyperlinks
  • Table editing, embed tables up to any level
  • Drag-and-drop images and edit with built in image manipulator
  • Visual style selector
  • Print preview
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CMS Encore Pro v1.0 is now available for purchase.
Try out the demo or click here to read more.